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Hitech Freight Services provides sea freight, air cargo, auto shipping, car sales and car rental services between major cities in USA and West African ports. We transport cars, SUV’s, motorcycles, boats, high heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, graders, dump trucks, and tractor heads. We also provide containers, for shipments of vehicles or personal effects. Whether you are a used car dealer or supply rolling equipment in West Africa, we can help.

The idea of a shipping company started over 20 years ago when I became fascinated by the idea of solving a problem with sending bulk items and personal effects across the Atlantic to my loved ones in Nigeria.

Then, economic activities were not strong between the Diaspora community in the United States and the homeland, Nigeria. You had to wait until it was time to travel or found someone who was traveling before you can send packages. There was a service that was urgent.

Since marketing and entrepreneurship required meeting a particular need, I took up this challenge of finding a solution to the problem.

The  dream became a reality in 2001, when the statutory foundation for Hitech Courier LLC was laid at 448-448A South 10th Street, Newark NJ in the United States of America.

Nigerians were yawning for this type of service, so we grew rapidly. We started with 2 bags of 32kg each with KLM Royal Dutch at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark New Jersey. In a very short time, the business grew from 2 bags of 64kg to over 4,000kg per week.

Our company continues to see the business as a service to the society, particularly Africans. It gladdens my heart that we are able to connect families and their loved ones abroad by helping them deliver goods and services.

Our service has opened a vista of business and job opportunities for many people in Nigeria and the USA. We are glad to have extended our services to other West African Nations in a very short time as well.

Our integrity, dedication to service and excellent customer service have added value and will continue to be the driving force for our continued success, even during challenging times.

In 2008, a global economic downturn hit us like a thunder when the cost of shipping goods by air became too expensive. We quickly responded by expanding our business scope. We weathered the storm.  It is this resilience and alertness that has kept us in business, and thriving. Our commitment and the joy of serving our valued customers is a motivation. But the most encouragement comes from you, our customers. When you ask us to serve you, and challenge us with your demands, we get even better.

It is such challenges that led us to introduce ocean freight services in 2008, to add more value for our customers in terms of cost savings. By providing containerized and bulk shipping, we have been able to extend our services, so that customers can have another option for sending goods.

We will continue to look for ways to create value. We will operate the business putting our customers’ needs first. We will serve.

Moshood Oluwatoyin Balogun – founder, Hitech

Moshood Balogun, founder


Frequent Questions

Q How do I ship a package?
A: When you are ready to ship your package, you have to download from our website us a Letter of Intent, Export Power of Attorney, and Customers Declaration Form. Once you have downloaded and fill all this information, you can bring the package with the completed forms to our office that is nearest to you.

Q:Are you allowed two (2) names on the consignee/receiver?
A:Having two names on the bills of lading is NOT acceptable. Only one name can appear. Also, no c/o (care of) can be present unless it is a Company Name followed by a person’s name.

Q:What does the abbreviation RORO mean?
A:It stands for Roll on Roll off. On the day the vessel is loading, longshoremen drive your vehicle on the vessel and latch it down. Then once the vessel discharges at the discharge port your vehicle is driven off.

Q: Do we offer marine insurance?
A: Yes we do, please call for further information.

Q: What is allowed to be inside a vehicle when shipping it RORO?
A:When shipping a vehicle RORO there can not be anything inside unless it was made for the car such as a car jack. If there are accessories left inside they will be removed!

Q:What is allowed to be inside a vehicle when shipping it inside a container?
A: When shipping cargo inside a container almost anything can be put inside as long you present Hitech Courier with a packing list with all the contents. FOOD IS NOT TO BE SHIPPED!

Q: Before shipping, should I remove my license plates?
A:We suggest that you remove your plates at the time of drop off at the port and take them with you overseas.

Q:Should I have a full tank of gas when I deliver to the port?
A:No, for safety your gas tank should be at ¼ tank or less due to U.S. Coast Guard regulations.